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Social media marketing is all the rage nowadays because of the number of people who are using the available social media networks. Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram boast of having about three billion users on their platforms. In the early 2000s, these platforms mainly used as a means towards interaction. Over the course of time, business learned how to use these same platforms to their advantage. Video marketing involves the use of audio-visual techniques to attract more customers to your website to purchase your goods and services. Imagine this, a single color image is capable of compelling customers to buy products, how much more will a video showing exactly how a product works attract consumers?


How does Video Marketing Work?

The first thing to do in this strategy is creating and sharing a social video. A social video is a visual display uploaded on a site like YouTube to gain the attention of an audience and boosting your online presence. These videos engage potential customers and help them understand why your products and services are better than all the rest. However, since everyone is using video marketing on social media, there are specifics on how best to get the attention of your target audience.


The following factors affect Video Marketing strategies;

  1. The quality of your videos. Make sure the social videos you upload are of high quality to please your target audience and to position yourself in the market. You do not have to buy an expensive camera to make a video; there are many editing tools available on the internet.
  2. Size of your videos. The larger your videos are, the longer they will take to upload. This will also affect the time a user takes to download it.
  3. Create videos users will want to watch and share. As much as views are important to your business, aim to gain more users who will subscribe to your social media page and even share the content.
  4. The content of your videos. Avoid being so pushy about your products and services. Users want to understand how your product works and how using it will be of benefit to them. Make sure your content is interactive so that the users are more responsive to it by sharing it.
  5. The social media platform you use. There are so many social media platforms on the internet today, which makes it hard for business owners to choose where to market their products and services. You should learn to diversify across all platforms. Some users only use Twitter; others only use Facebook which means they may not see your ad on YouTube. Therefore, create ads tailored to the different platforms available on the internet.


 Why is Video Marketing important?

  1. Videos boost business sales and conversions on your website. Adding a video to your landing page is greatly beneficial to your business. Since most of your potential customers will visit your landing page, they will complete actions such as providing personal information to view the video posted. This is a conversion which helps you tune your marketing strategy. Also, if they are pleased by the video, they may even decide to purchase the advertised product which increases sales.
  2. Social Videos help in building trust. Tailor these videos according to the product you are advertising. Therefore, when a potential customer views the video and understands how the product works, they may purchase it and even share the content because they believe it is genuine.
  3. Posting videos on your website increase traffic on your website which improves your search rankings. If more and more users visit your website to view the posted videos, search engines flag your website as one with relevant content. This will improve your position in the search engine rankings which improves your online presence.
  4. Videos are popular among mobile users. There are over a billion mobile users in the world today and most of them like viewing social videos on their mobile phones. This helps increase your video audience because your content will be shared all over the internet.
  5. Videos ease the task of creating awareness. If you are launching a new product or service, it is advisable to use videos. This is because, in that short duration of time, you will explain everything a user needs to know about it and if they need to hear it again, they will watch it again.