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We're experts at getting new patients and clients for Health, Wellness and Dental practices. We do this by capturing your audience's attention using an array of digital platforms such as Web, Video, Google and a variety of social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. In short, we research your market, create content that speaks to them and show it where they spend most of their time. Watch TrailerStart Your Free Trial

This is What We Do

We’re experts in creating social video marketing ads that generate sales leads and drive customers through to your business to perform your desired call to action. This could be as simple as completing their details to receive an offer or following through with a purchase of your product or service.

As part of our Local Leads service offering, we manage your entire social video ad to lead capture process. The three elements below are what make up the core of our service and is a social video marketing strategy we’ve perfected  over time so that you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business.

Video Ad

If an image is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth 1,800,000  words.
We focus on social video marketing for good reason, it’s been shown to increase conversions by up to 80% when compared to text or image ads.

Our team of expert videographers have a huge resource of assets and experience to create a social video marketing ad we know will work.

Lead Gen Funnel

The lead gen funnel is an essential element to our methodology. It acts as the bridge between your social media profile and your main website, but has a much greater focus on converting your social media engagement into a full sales lead.

The lead gen funnel is set up to mimic your branding with logo and colour palette and is designed with a specific task in mind; Capture the users information or encourage them to make a purchase.

Social Ad Campaign

Running and managing a social media ad campaign is a fine art. Audience targeting can be extremely powerful when used in the right way.

Using our tried and tested strategy for converting engagement to leads, your social media ad campaign will be managed by our team from start to finish to ensure you’re getting the results to help drive your business growth.

Why Video Ads?


People would rather watch a video than read text about a product or service

Hours of video are watched online every minute


Increase in engagement with Video ads compared to Text or Images


More new customers for businesses that use video marketing

Quality Sales Leads Every Month

Most businesses fail with their social video marketing strategy because they concentrate too much on building followers and getting likes. Although this is great for brand presence, the strategy should have a much higher focus on converting that social media engagement into customers and sales.

Our Local Leads management process will transform the way you use social media to attract customers and leave you wondering why you didn’t speak to us sooner!

Do You Know the Lifetime Value of Your Customers?

Find out about what this is and why it’s so important when starting a social video marketing campaign. We’ve also created a free calculator for you to use to work out the average customer lifetime value for your business.

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Not everything is too good to be true.

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