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Leads are the lifeblood of any business, unfortunately though not every business owner knows how to generate these leads. Being a successful business owner is down to the fact that you know your field, but it doesn’t mean you are a lead magnet! But there’s no need to worry because that’s exactly what we are.

We offer our lead generation service on a “Pay-per-lead” basis, some other agencies operate on a monthly retainer, but what exactly is the difference? Let us explain:

Retainer Deals

Paying a monthly retainer is a fairly standard payment method. It has a number of advantages, in particular, easy budgeting for a set payment at a set time. Many marketing agencies like this model for the same reason, that it guarantees them a regular income. The big downside of the retainer model is that it gives the agency no incentive to work harder on your behalf. It has advantages, though. It doesn’t necessarily put a limit on the amount of work you can ask the agency to do for you. Of course, they may specifically write that into the contract you made when you set up the retainer. Nevertheless, unless your requirements are simple or you have a high level of confidence in the agency’s work ethic, you should approach the retainer model with caution!

Pay Per Lead

Under this system, you pay the agency an agreed sum for each lead delivered. All your sales team need to do is convert those leads.

Under this system, your ROI can be easily calculated since your paying a flat fee for your lead information and don’t have the hassle of taking into account advertising spend.

Of course, the pay-per-lead model gives the agency a powerful incentive to work harder on your behalf. That’s because the more strongly they perform, the more leads they can deliver and get paid for. This makes the model more popular among agencies who are confident in their ability to generate leads. Another point in favour of an agency that’s happy to offer it.

While this involves paying considerably more for some leads, the agency has the incentive to go after the really big opportunities. On the other hand, you’re likely to be paying before you’ve generated the income from the lead This means you’ll need a more flexible budget.

So Which is Best?

We may well be biased but to us, it is abundantly clear that the pay-per-lead option is THE most reliable model. Retainer marketing can be sold as a budget-friendly advertising method, but it can be an incredibly risky choice for your business to make. With PPL, you only pay for actual results. This means it’s easier to track leads and conversions and scale your marketing efforts accordingly.

So your next question will likely be “How can I integrate pay-per-lead into my marketing and business development strategy?”

At Aprvd, we are driven by performance, offering a number of B2B and B2C services. We work strategically with our clients to drive scalable results. That means we prioritise growth for your business in everything that we do. We operate a Pay Per Lead model which means we provide you with pre-qualified, warm and converting leads that offer an instant ROI.

Our business is to grow your business and our experience in lead generation means we’re confident in being able to send you leads your sales team will love. We run everything from your digital marketing ad to lead capture and segmentation to lead delivery and you only pay for the leads we deliver. No monthly retainer contracts, no difficulty in tracking ROI, just great converting leads.

So if you are ready to start buying leads that you can easily convert into new clients and sales, it couldn’t be easier, Get Started