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In the business world, social media marketing has become crucial to success in many ways. However, even then, social media marketing continues to evolve in a universe where you can’t afford to stand still. More social media marketing campaigns and strategies are now making use of video, and we’re going to tell you the benefits of doing so.

It Helps to Develop Trust in a Brand, as well as Credibility

If a brand doesn’t have trust or credibility, potential customers will likely move on and look for one that does. While using techniques such as blogging to develop these foundations can work, nothing will be as effective as bringing video into play. Using videos across social media and on platforms such as YouTube helps to develop a personal connection between a business and their audience, showcasing the brand personality while establishing credibility and trust at the same time.

Videos Are More Likely to be Shared

Everyone will have shared or retweeted a video on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter over the years, and let’s face it; people are more likely to share a thirty-second video clip than they are a link to a blog post. Group chats on services like WhatsApp are a hotbed for video sharing too, so, by making use of video in some way, shape or form in a social media marketing campaign, there’s the potential for it to gain a substantial amount of views. And at no extra cost.

Being Seen is Everything

Being well ranked on search engines is as crucial now as it always has been, and using video boosts a businesses chances of being seen tenfold. You can imagine it as a three-pronged approach, with video on a YouTube channel, a company website and then across social media connecting to become a force for visibility with the likes of Google. It’s worth bearing in mind Google and YouTube are the largest search engines around, so utilising both will see a business reap the rewards.

Social videos should be unique in a way that connects with users across the whole platform while encouraging shares, and likes, but if you are hitting the spot with your video content it will be a lot easier. Social video is extremely popular among millennials, they’re spending longer in front of their laptops or handheld mobile devices and take under consideration of video content when doing research for a possible purchase. With spending power increasing in the 17 to 34 age bracket, targeting social media with your video content is a no-brainer.

Video is a Massive Draw for Mobile Users

Most people in the modern world connect to their social media accounts via apps on their mobile phone. Each year, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter report more users than ever are accessing their services through a smartphone, and similar growth is occurring for mobile video as well. It’s believed 90% of consumers watch video content on their mobile device, and if a business happens to be using it for social media marketing purposes, they can capitalise on this.

As you can see, there are many advantages to using video for social media marketing campaigns and strategies. In general, there are more reasons to make it a staple moving forward than to cast it aside. Social media and video very much go hand in hand, and so does how the general public access the former. So, it’s essential to reap the benefits before the next trend comes along. Contact us here at APRVD to find out how we can help.