Customer Lifetime Value

We’ve created a fantastic Customer Lifetime Value calculator. Read below to find out why this is a crucial piece of information for any business owner and how you can use it for your social video marketing.

How Much Does it Cost to Generate a Sales Lead?

When we’re asked that question about our services, we like to respond with a question of our own;

What is a sales lead WORTH to your business?

This is the million dollar question (sometimes quite literally). The cost of marketing and sales lead generation is important, but what is more important is the value of that lead once they’re converted into a customer. To help you figure out the Average Customer Lifetime Value for your business we’ve created an awesome calculator tool below.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Use the form below to help you calculate your average Customer LTV. Whenever you’re trying to define a budget for your Social Video Marketing strategy, this piece of information will be able to quantify how much you can spend and more importantly how quickly you can recoup it.

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