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A landing page is a solitary web page created with the marketing and advertising of your website in mind. A landing page is specifically designed to target a specific stream of traffic; from a certain ad campaign, you are running. When a user clicks on the URL provided on the ad campaign such as an email marketing campaign, it directs them to your landing page. Do not confuse a landing page with a home page. They are both web pages but offer very different services. A home page will contain a lot of links either to other web pages or other relevant websites. This where you go when you want to access another part of the website. On the other hand, the landing is very simple as it has few links and only contains information meant to attract users to your website.

What makes the landing page more effective than other web pages?

Most online businesses make a mistake of including the most crucial information on their homepages. You have to make the general public aware of your website in the first place if you want them to visit it. Also, you have to engage your customers by making them take action before proceeding through your website. This is where the landing page is most useful. Here are some of the elements you need to focus on when creating a landing page for your website.

  • Minimise navigation as much as possible. When users reach your landing page, you should coerce them to trigger a call-to-action. This is a means to achieve an action. If your landing page has exits or links to other sites, the users will get distracted and move on. Therefore, keep them focused on the different actions available.
  • Be very brief. The integral part of a landing page is to generate local leads. Therefore, make sure the content of your landing page is short and the action being carried out is brief. Long submission forms take time to fill which lowers the leads generated.
  • Show them the value of your website. If you have an online business, it is advisable to offer something to your customer on your landing page. Make sure the offer is very compelling such that the user will even decide to give up some personal information such as their contact information. This demonstrates the value of your website to them.
  • Encourage sharing. Like I stated above, the links in the landing page should be as few as possible. Here you should include social media links where your potential customers can share more about your website. The boosts your online presence tremendously.


Types of Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages which you can create for your website. The first is a Lead Generation Landing Page which employs the use of a web form as the call-to-action. This helps in collecting personal data from the customer such as their names and contact information. The second is Click-through Landing pages which employ the use of buttons as the calls-to-action. The actions you should compel a customer to complete before navigating through your website include; a free trial to get payment info, a registration form to get personal information or buying a product or service.


Tips on how to generate better leads on your landing page.

  1. Create a landing page with a simple and compelling design. The content on the landing page should be legible and understandable. If a customer does not understand what you have to offer, they might not want to complete any of the actions provided.


  1. Build your calls-to-action to compel users to give up their personal information. Every complete action generates leads which generate conversions.


  1. You will need to use a web form to collect your customers’ information. Design and create bespoke forms which are simple and easy to use.


  1. Upload testimonials from your loyal customers. Being human, we tend to seek the opinion of others before carrying out an activity. Most users want to know how good your products and services are before they purchase them. Therefore, include real testimonials from your previous customers to compel potential customers to seek your services.


  1. Highlight the benefits your customers will gain. As much as you want your landing page to show what your business entails, you should consider showing your potential customers the benefits of using your products.