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As a business owner, your goal for your social media profiles may be to increase conversions, build brand awareness or simply gain a larger following, with these targets in mind Facebook is an excellent platform achieve them, especially when using Facebooks advertising tools.

Social media marketing is no longer new, and it is evolving into a must-have tool for all types of businesses. No matter what product or service you are selling there is a part of the Facebook audience that needs you, you just have to tell them how to reach you. That’s why we have compiled this helpful guide to help you negotiate the world of Facebook Ads.

So, first things, first – what are your advertising goals? Once you have established these you can then set your objectives, which Facebook Ad objective suits your market, which objective will your audience react to via Facebook. The most common ad objectives are as follows:

Post Engagement

This objective can help you increase the engagement of a single Facebook post. Engagement can be measured with metrics such as likes, shares, comments and photo views. To optimise your Facebook Ad for engagement, test it out as a ‘free’ Facebook organic post first before you boost it for post engagement.

Start with different formats of the same content (different calls-to-action, headlines, a couple of different images, etc.). Test these formats over the course of a couple of days to find appealing time slots. Whichever Facebook post performs better; it can be further amplified with paid ads.

Page “Likes”

Advertising for page likes is one of the best ways to increase your brand profile on Facebook.

One of the most effective ways to utilise this method is to create a Facebook contest with a prize related to your business (rather than straight cash, for instance) is highly recommended.

Another option is to put a Facebook-special coupon code on your page’s timeline – something which you can make only visible to people who have liked your Page.

Click through to your own Website

For website clicks, Facebook will enhance your ads for the most clicks possible. You can set it up as a page post that links to your website or domain ads.

If you do not have a well-developed Facebook page or huge following domain ads are useful, if you do not have a well-developed Facebook page, but would still like to advertise on Facebook. Though they are limited to the right side of the page and not eligible to appear in the News Feed, it could still be the best option available. This is the metric that you will use to get any direct traffic visits to your website.

Event Responses

To create ads for an event, you will first have to create an event to advertise. If your goal is to get people to attend your event in person, then this is the type of ad objective that’s best suited to help meet your goal.

Offer Claims

To create ads for an event, you will first have to create an event to advertise. If your goal is to get people to attend your event in person, then this is the type of ad objective that’s best suited to help meet your goal. Targeting friends of people who have already registered is the best tactic to increase your conversions. Also targeting of email subscribers or users who have already engaged with the event sign-up is also an effective method to increase event sign-up conversions.

Video Views

If you want to increase your brand’s awareness, then Video ads are for you! Studies show that brand awareness increases by up to 40% solely because of the Facebook ads autoplay feature. If your targeting is right then Facebook even rewards you with a lower “cost per click” rate.

Lead Generation

These ads can be interacted with by your potential client on the spot, and without leaving Facebook (which Facebook loves!!), it is also a very cost-efficient way of obtaining a leads email address. Lead generation ads work best when they can be teamed with a specific landing page to suit their purpose. Landing pages can be created using third-party tools such as HubSpot. Using these ads to target a lookalike audience or re-targeting a list of potential leads, is a good strategy and suits the ad objective best.

Facebook’s aim is to make social media marketing via their platform more natural and accessible for everyone, so using these main Facebook advertising objectives will help you stand out from the crowd and get your product or service seen. nt